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Managing Sports Betting Investments of All Sizes

When it comes to sports betting, your approach really matters. If you are starting out, try these following pro tips to begin your journey into sports investing. Start small, then build your way up to larger investments.

Pro tip for beginners

If you are new the sports betting and you are looking for some tips and strategies on where to begin, take a look at the basic terminology to get accustomed with the sports betting industry.

Focus on One Sport

Try starting with one sport that you are interested or follow, so you can become familiar with the statistics and performance. This will build a higher confidence level when placing your bets, for consistent wins.

Betting Basics


Money line betting

This is a straightforward bet type. Betting on the money line is to place a wager on the team that you predict might win. When placing your bets, you have two choices, bet on the “favorite” or “underdog.” You can get game predictions from a reputable handicapping service or simply use your own analyzing stats. Either way money line betting is a beginner friendly bet type that gives you a since on how to bet in the sportsbooks.

Odds betting

Three most-common odds are American, fractional and decimal. They’re different formats, but give sports bettors the same information. Even if you’re new to sports betting, it is a skill that is easy to understand.

Learning how to read betting odds starts with knowing the various formats sportsbooks use to display betting lines. Here is a breakdown of the three different formats.

Welcome to

American odds

US odds or moneyline odds, are the lines most commonly used in the United States and Canada.

American odds show how much a wager is worth based on the dollar amount and displays a plus (+) or minus (-) value.


Reading American Odds

For example, the Las Angeles Rams were facing the Seattle Seahawks, it would look like this at a sportsbook:

  • Seattle Seahawks +130
  • Las Angeles Rams -110

The Seahawks are the underdog, indicated by the plus sign. If you wagered $100 on Seahawks and they won, you’d make $130 in profit. The Rams have a minus sign because they are the favorite. This line indicates how much you need to bet to win $100. In this example, you need to bet a $110 wager to win $100 profit.

The (-) indicates how much you need to bet in order to win a profit. And the (+) indicates how you will win on the dollar amount you place. Odds even the playing field, betting the underdog is worth more since the chances of them winning are slightly less.


Calculating  American Odds

A bet on Vikings would be riskier but offers a bigger payout. This example is from week 17 NFL Pre-season 2021-2022. Packers win 37-10. If you were to bet like the example above on Packers, you would’ve won $320 total profit.

**We are only using $100 bet as a example. You don’t necessarily have to bet $100, and the profit isn’t always $100 as well. The jackpot is up to the sportsbooks as far as the winnings. But for the purpose of these examples, it’s easier to use nice round numbers. **


Calculating Odds Example

  • Green Bay Packers  -220
  • Bet $220 to win $100 in profit
  • Total payout is $320
  • Minnesota Vikings +300
  • If you bet $100 on Vikings, you would win $300
  • Total profit $400

How it Works

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds (or traditional odds) are popular in Ireland and with UK bookmakers. They are represented with a slash (/) or hyphen (-) and the world’s largest bookmakers refer to this method.

Odds sheets

Reading Fractional Odds

A fractional listing of 5/1 (five-to-one) odds mean that would you win $5 for every $1 you wager, along with your dollar back. You will receive your bet ($1) plus the profit ($5), which is the total payout amount of $6. For example, if you bet $10 at 5/1 and win, you get a total payout of $60 ($50 profit + $10 bet).

Basic Equation

Calculating Fractional Odds

According to the investopedia website, the total (potential) return on a bet can be stated like this:

Total Payout = (Wager ✖️ (NumeratorDenominator))Initial Wager

NBA Finals

Fractional Odds Examples

Let’s use the following odds on the three teams most likely to win the 2022 NBA Championship:

  • Brooklyn Nets: 13/5
  • Golden State Warriors: 9/2
  • Milwaukee Bucks: 7/1

The Brooklyn Nets are the favorites, over the Golden State and Milwaukee. You would profit $13 with every $5 you wager on Brooklyn to win. You would profit $9 for each $2 bet for Golden State to win. Milwaukee, you’d profit $7 for every $1 bet.

In the example above, if you bet $100 on Brooklyn to win, you could make a $260 profit (13 divided by 5=2.6 x $100=$260) and get back your initial wager of $100, which is a total payout of $360. If you wager $100 on Golden State to win, you could receive a profit of $450 (9 divided by 2= 4.5 x $100= $450) plus the $100 initial wager, with a total payout of $550.

The potential profit for a Milwaukee win would be even higher because you could make a profit of $700 (7 divided by 1= 7 x $100= $700), plus the initial wager of $100 return in a total payout of $800.


Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are a more common format among European and Australian sportsbooks. It can might seem intimidating to those use to US odds or fractional odds, but they’re just as useful when you know how to read them.


Reading Decimal Odds

These are a little easier to work with and understand. The favorites and underdogs can be identified easily by looking at the numbers.

The decimal number represents the total payout, rather than the profit. That means your bet is already included in the decimal number. No need to add back your wager, which makes total payout calculation easier.

The decimal point is based on total payout including the initial wager. Whatever you’ve wagered, multiply it by the odds to figure out the total payout.

If a team is posted at 2.00, that means you’ll double your money with a winning ticket. Usually, if a team is lower than 2.00 it’s the favorite, over 2.00 it’s the underdog. You will never see a negative number in decimal odds so a 1.00 is your initial wager.


Calculating Decimal Odds

The total potential return on a wager is calculated by using the following:

Wager x Decimal Odd Number = Total Payout 

If the Denver Nuggets posted NBA odds of 1.50 on a NBA game, and you wagered $100, multiply it by 1.50 and you’d get $150, a profit of $50. Another example, Brooklyn Nets posted 2.25 odds. If you place a $100 bet and won, your return would be $125, for a total profit of $225. In these examples, we multiplied the amount wagered by the odds to figure out the total payout. Bet ($) times (x) the profit (decimal) equals (=) total profit. Job Done!

Converting Odds

Here are the mathematical formulas for each format

Converting American odds to decimal odds

(+) American odds formula: (American odds / 100) + 1 = decimal odds.
(-) American odds formula: 1 – (100 / – American odds) = decimal odds.

Converting American odds to fractional odds

(+) American odds formula: American odds / 100 = fractional odds.
(-) American odds formula: -100 / – American odds = fractional odds.

Converting decimal odds to American odds
Converting decimal odds to fractional odds

Decimal odds to fractional odds formula: decimal odds – 1 = fractional odds.

Converting fractional odds to decimal odds

Fractional odds to decimal odds formula: (numerator/denominator) + 1 = decimal odds.

Converting fractional odds to American odds

Fractions greater than 1 formula: (fractional value) x 100 = American odds.
Fractions less than 1 formula: -100 / (fractional value) = American odds.

In Conclusion

Final thoughts

When it comes to odds, no matter which format you use, it’s safe to say depending on who’s playing, you will pay more to bet on the favorite, but you can win more by betting on the underdog. It really depends on your betting goals and how you use the information given to choose your strategy. Try to find that balance between risk and reward.

Public Percentage

Fade the Public

When you become more familiar with sports betting and have more confidence in how sports betting works, you can use a more expert or advanced bet type called fading the public. This is just as straightforward as money line betting, only this requires a lot more strategy. Fading the public is going against what the majority are betting on and betting the opposing side. 

This doesn’t always mean you bet on the underdog, this involves doing some research into the sportsbooks public percentage and finding out what the percentage is for each team and, whichever side has the lower percent, you would place your bet on the lower percentage. This clever strategy results in higher payouts for taking a bigger risk.

Now if doing all that research seems like a lot of effort and time, then consider using a betting tool that has taken the guesswork and configuring for you. Using a sports beting system that has preconfigured picks will help you place your bets with confidence, and give you the winning edge over blindly placing your bets without any analysis envolved.


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different types of charts

Point Spread Example using the NFL

SPORT: NFL AFC Divisional Kansas City Chiefs vs. New York Buffalo Bills

  • FAVORITE: (-5.5) Chiefs need to win by 6 or higher
  • UNDERDOG:(+5.5) Bills need to lose by 5 or less
  • FINAL SCORE: (42-36) F/OT

Point Spread

Spread picks are one most popular bet type especially in NFL, and NBA. These two particular sports score higher point averages. When reading point spread picks, you have the two options, (-)represents the “favorite” (+)represents the “underdog.” These symbols are usually followed by a number shown here: (-5.5) or (+5.5). Let’s take a closer look at (-5.5), the (-) is the “favorite” or team with the high odds of winning.

The Breakdown

The 5.5 represents how many points the team has to win by. When reading this it would translate into Chiefs need to win by at least 6 points. For (+5.5), the (+) is the “underdog” or team that is more likely to lose. The 5.5 represents how many points they need to lose by. The translation would be, Bills need to lose by 5 or less points. Let’s use a real game example.

These examples are using American odds, but can be converted into fractional, or decimal if you prefer to use those formats.

Reading Point Spreads

If you placed your bet like this (-5.5) Chiefs then you would have won. Now, if you were to place your bet like this (+5.5) you also would have won, because you are betting that the Bills are going to lose by at least 5 points.

Now let’s apply this with money. I’ve noticed that a lot of sportsbooks use -110 on their odds sheets so we will use that for the example. Sportsbooks take a 10% commission or “juice” off any bets that are placed. For every $1 you bet, you risk $1.10. If you want to win $100, you have to bet $110. Let’s take a closer look.

Calculating Spreads

Point and Goal Differentials

Point Differential 

The numerical gap between points scored and points given. Wins in close games tend to not reflect a team’s true skill. Teams that start the season with a better record than their point differential tend to slow down and vice versa. Point differential is also a better predictor of future performance than win-loss record.

(Points Scored)-(Points Allowed) = Point Differential Formula

Goal difference

Goal difference (or points difference) is calculated as the number of goals (or points) scored in all league matches minus the number of goals or points admitted, and is sometimes known simply as plus–minus. This is pretty much identical to calculating the point differentials. Goal difference is used as either the first or, after tying teams’ head-to-head records, second tiebreaker. 

(Goals Scored) – (Goals Allowed) = Goal Difference Formula

Point Spread Examples

These examples are based off American odds, but can be easily converted into fractional or decimal odds if you prefer to follow those formats.


Point Spread

Odds sheet for betting on the favorite. When reading odds sheets, (-) followed by the number is how much you have to risk or bet to win your profit.

  • -110 (bet)
  • $100 (profit)
  • $210 (payout)


Point Spread

Odds sheet for betting on the underdog. Reading odds sheets with (+) followed by the number is the potential profit when placing your bet.

  • $100 (bet)
  • +200 (profit)
  • $300 (payout)

Usually most odds sheets will have the (-) with a higher buy-in rate because most people bet on the favorite. The (+) odds will usually have a higher profit to incentivize bettors to bet on the underdog. It really depends on who is playing and what type of information you have on which team to place your bets. Having a reputable handicapping service will take some of the guesswork out of sports betting.


Don’t place any bets based on score predictions alone. ALWAYS pair your score predictions with another indicator or factor. Combine your score predictions with other automated systems.

Follow the expert predictions and recommendations and compare what the experts say for maximum results.


Over/under betting is when you bet if the final total score will be over or under the total predicted score. The total score is the combine score from both teams that the sportsbooks/vendor predicts before the game. The objective is to predict if the total final score is more than or less than what the sportsbooks/vendors predicted.

Example 1

Week 11 NFL


  • Packers: 31 total points (final score)
  • Vikings: 34 total points (final score)
  • COMBINE TOTAL: 65 points

Example 2

NFL Conference Championship


  • 49ers: 17 total points (final score)
  • Rams: 20 total points (final score)
  • COMBINE TOTAL: 37 points

The Breakdown

Understanding over/under

In the first example the sportsbooks predicted score was under the final score. If you were to place your bets for the final score to be under 65, then you would have won. The final score would have to be less than or equal to in order to win the bet. (A score prediction that is equal to the final score is a push.)  If you were to place your bets for the final score to be over 65 then you would have lost the bet, because the total points did not exceed 65.

Second example, the sportsbooks predicted the final score to be 45 total points. The final score for that game is 37. Again, if you placed your bets for the final score to be over 45 then you would have lost the bet. But if you placed your bets for the final score to be under 45 then you would have won, because the sportsbooks set the odds lines to be 45 for the base predicted score. If you set your wager for the score to be any number less than the 45 point offer that is a win. And if you happen to bet that the final score is 37, then it would be a push.


In sports betting, if you happen to get a “push,” it simply means you tie or break even with the bookmaker/sportsbooks. The wager is returned back to you. Should you worry if you get a lot of pushes?

Occasional pushes are not a concern, but the goal is to win and gain profits. Breaking even doesn’t exactly give you the returns to be successful in sports betting.

Most pushes do occur on point spread betting specifically over/under bets. If you are a spread bettor then, you’ve probably had a few pushes happen.

If a Over/Under bet hits on the exact number, that’s a push. You technically didn’t win, and all wagers are refunded to bettors no matter whether they bet the Over or the Under. This only occurs when there isn’t a decimal involved.

How to avoid pushes

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid pushes.

On point spread sheets, you might see sportsbooks adding a “.5,” or a half-point to their totals. This works because there are no half a points in sporting events. The best and most common way to avoid a push is using half points. Sportsbooks will impose a line with a “hook,” or half-point to ensure a definite win or loss.

Half-point betting, reduces the chances of your wagers to break-even. No surprise, but sportsbooks don’t like pushes either.

Pushes, Parlays, and More

Does a push ruin a parlay?

No. A push is a tie. In the case of a push, the wager is taken out of the parlay altogether and your odds readjusted.

Can you win a parlay with a push?

Yes. The tied selection will be removed from your betslip and the parlay will be adjusted to include your remaining wagers. You win the new parlay if all remaining legs win.

Are there other options to avoid pushes?

Last option, bet on the money line to avoid pushes altogether. Money line is a straight forward bet that doesn’t involve any spread picks. If you come across a unclear spread picks, choices can be: pass on the bet altogether or bet on the money line (favorite/underdog).

How to bet over/under predictions?

Betting over: placing a bet where the combined total score is 51 or more (for example). Meaning you predict the game will have a higher combined final score.

Betting under: placing a bet where the combined total score is 49 or less. Meaning you predict the game will have a lower combined final score.

How to win using the over/under method?

Follow a reputable sports betting system.

Check the starting goals.

Skip any unclear signals, it’s better to pass on a bet than to make any costly mistakes.

Over/under examples?

For this example if you placed your bet for the score to be 51 or more (over) then you would win. If you placed your bet to 49 or less (under) then you would have lost.

If you happen to place your bet for the final score to be 55 and the final score is 55, you broke even would get your return back, because you didn’t win or lose, that would be called a push. This isn’t bad, but you didn’t really gain any money, and you want win, that is the bottom line.



This bet type refers to odds that benefit the player more than the “house”. It generally refers to a situation where the bettor is in a good position and has an edge over the sportsbooks. In smaller establishments, ovelays can occur from the following, lack of diligence, or incorrect analysis from the sportsbook. Overlays that occur in large reputable venues, are usually premeditated. Here’s why a larger venue would overlay, to attract extra action to a event or to balance out a bet. If a sporting event is not getting enough attention from the betting public, overlays are used to build up excitement for the event. Another reason is if the betting public wagers are heavily on the favorite, overlays may be used as incentive to place bets on the underdog.

To receive odd predictions better than “true” odds on a team would be considered as value betting. For example, if your initial calculations of a game indicates the underdog should be receiving 5.5 points, but is receiving 8.5 point, then that is a value bet recommendation, or an overlay. (True odds: the actual odds of something happening as opposed to what a linemaker or sportsbook would offer.)

The Advantages of Overlays

This bet type is especially popular in fantasy sports betting, because it draws more action to the sports betting sites. When a guaranteed amount of prize money exceeds the total amount of entry fees collected, that would be an overlay opportunity. Players who wager money on fantasy sports sites will have a greater reward value for the risk they are willing to bet. Finding a higher reward value, on a overlay tournament can be a great tool for online fantasy sports betting.

Having less total participants, increases your chances of winning dramatically in some GPPs. (A guaranteed prize pool also known as a GPP) If the prize pool is guaranteed, and not enough players join, the prize money will be split into larger payouts. To calculate the expected reward first, multiply your odds to win by the amount of money an average player would receive if they win.

When to overlay

Using these strategies correctly and in the right circumstances will allow you to reduce the risk to zero in many cases. If you have confidence for a winner in your sport of choice, you can use overlay to help increase your total profits, while still making sure you aren’t losing money on any bets.

Use a matched betting calculator to avoid making any costly mistakes. On most matched betting calculators, you can use the custom lay slider to adjust the level of risk associated with any bets you place. This can also help find the right value of liability if your bankroll is disperse throughout several different bookmakers while completing wagering requirements. 

Value bets

Value bets are betting when you consider the risk to reward ratio being heavily in your favor. Oddsmakers are often in a position where they have to issue lines/odds on a large amount of games, so their resources are stretched and they become vulnerable. Even with considerable expertise, they are not immune to errors. Be aware of the “soft sports” where the oddsmaker failed to judge the game/event properly or ignored a potentially key factor in the outcome.

Overlays in smaller establishments can occur from the following, lack of diligence, or incorrect analysis from the sportsbook. Overlays that occur in large reputable venues, are usually premeditated. Here’s why a larger venue would overlay, to attract extra action to a event or to balance out a bet. If a sporting event is not getting enough attention from the betting public, overlays are used to build up excitement for the event. Another reason is if the betting public wagers are heavily on the favorite, overlays may be used as incentive to place bets on the underdog.

Parlay bets

A parlay bet is when a bettor makes two or more bets, combined into one bet. A parlay bet may contain two individual bets, or many more. Depending on the sportsbook or the region they may also be called “accumulators” or “multis.”

The disadvantage of a parlay bet is that if any of the bets in the parley loses, the entire parlay is lost. This makes parlay bets very difficult to win, especially if they are made up of many individual bets. The advantage is that if all the individual wagers win, the bettor can get a bigger payout.

Calculating parlays

  • Change the American odds to decimal odds
  • Multiply all decimal odds together
  • Multiply the result by your bet amount
  • Subtract your original stake to get the parlay odds

Parlaying three point spreads, and each is at -110. First, convert those odds to decimal, which is 1.91. Then multiply them together:

  • Multiply this by your bet amount. Your bet $10 example:
  • Subtract your original bet amount:

Parlay pays out $59.70 for every $10 bet. In American odds, that’s +597, meaning this parlay pays nearly 6-1. That’s a great payout, but you have to win all three bets to see any payout at all.

Advantages and disadvantages of parlays

These bets can promise huge payouts, but they are very risky. This wouldn’t be considered a good investment strategy. If you are into the thrill of just betting on sports, this gives you the oppurtunity to spread your wagers on various outcomes to see if they win. The disadvantage of a parlay bet is that, if any of the bets in the parlay loses, the entire parlay is lost. Remeber, the house always has the advantage. Depending on what you are trying to achieve through sports betting. If you are looking to make money using parlay betting, then the answer is no.

We wanted to add this bet type in case you happen to come across this in the sportsbooks and you were interested in what they are.

Parlay pushes

If you are a fan of the parlay betting strategy a push can get a little more involved. Here’s why.

parlayaccumulatorcombo bet or multi is a single bet that links together two or more individual wagers and is dependent on all of those wagers winning together. The benefit of the parlay is that there are much higher payoffs than placing each individual bet separately since the difficulty of hitting all of them is much higher. If any of the bets in the parlay lose, the entire parlay loses. If any of the plays in the parlay ties, or “pushes”, the parlay reverts to a lower number of teams with the odds reducing accordingly.

Although you can use a variety of bets to build your parlay bet, correlated parlays are usually not allowed at betting sites. Correlated parlays are two or more bets from the same game that rely on a closely related outcome. Sportsbooks restrict this action because closely related bets can lead to bigger payouts in the chance of a win, which means a more substantial loss for the sportsbook.

Point Spread Forecasts

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Suggested betting tools for these bet types are:

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The Future of Sports Betting

No matter how you view gaming, the eSports betting industry keeps on growing worldwide. Playing eSports is one of the biggest leisure activities in the world. It has a fan base from over 170 million frequent eSports viewers, and 222 million occasional viewers in 2018. In 2020, figures of 220 million frequent viewers and over 270 million occasional viewers due to people staying home. The eSports betting market continues to grow each year. The $1 billion valuation of the eSports betting industry of 2019, is estimated to exceed $2 billion in 2022.

2020 and 2021 drastically increased the numbers of people globally getting into eSports and eSports betting. The UK Gambling Commission reported that the eSports industry marked an incredible year growth of 2992%.

All forms of eSports have increased in popularity, which will accelerate betting on eSports. Esports could rival the popularity of more traditional sports, with more players choosing to bet on eSports along with traditional sports. Esporting events will continue to grow rapidly, and the betting market will skyrocketing as well.

Welcome to

Esports and eSports betting

Esports are any sort of competitive videos gaming played between individuals or teams. This differs from simple video gaming because, players are no longer competing against the computer but against other players.

Esports come in various genres and have completely taken off in popularity over the last decade.

Massive eSports tournaments with superstar eSports teams and players competing in front of thousands of screaming fans. Millions of vieweres tuning in to watch on live streams such as, YouTube Gaming, or Facebook Gaming.

Just like any traditional sport, the competitive gaming involved in eSports has opened up the world of opportunities to bet on them as well.

Esports and traditional sports betting are the same?

Esports betting may seem different to traditional sports betting, but you will see that a bet on eSports events are just the same as betting on soccer, basketball, or baseball.

How do you bet on eSports, and how do you win an eSports bet? It’s exactly the same as making and winning a traditional bet. Choose the eSport bet market you’re interested in, and check out the eSports odds, then place your bets. The advantages of eSports betting is that it’s more interactive with communities, live streaming, stats, social media, and more from the best esports bookmakers that makes betting on eSports such a great betting experience.

There are so many game genres, and so many great tournaments to choose from.

Betting multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)

Battle arena games are very popular amongst eSports betting fans. Titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends are some of the biggest eSports in the world. Viewers streaming tournament finals like, The International and the League of Legends World Championship, you will see why these team-based games are perfectly suited for betting. There’s a wide range of battle arena games out there like, Smite and fantasy games like Warcraft being extremely popular. Numerous people made some decent winnings from these titles.


Esports tournaments

The eSports world holds some of the biggest sporting events in terms of attendance, viewership, and prize money. Reputable eSports betting sites will cover all of the biggest tournaments in-depth, and give you betting opportunities on smaller tournaments along with e-leagues around the world.

In terms of viewership, the League of Legends World Championship is huge, with over 3,985,787 viewers watching a huge 139,000,000 hours of competitive action and gameplay. The Fortnite World Cup and Intel Extreme Masters Katowice all have viewing figures in the many millions of hours. But when it comes to prize money, the leader is, Dota 2’s premier event, The International, which boasted a mind-blowing prize pool of $34.3 million in 2019.

Recent Years

How eSports betting works in the US

The popularity of eSports has seen major growth inside of the US. Statista projects that eSports viewership in the US will reach approximately 46 million by 2023. Viewership numbers in the US are growing, and the eSports betting activity are rising as well.

Try to become familiar with US betting laws if you are a resident and wish to place bets on eSports events. US betting laws are complex to learn, so take your time when reading through them.

Betting laws will vary state-to-state, meaning eSports betting is legal in some states, regulated in others, and illegal in the rest. Knowing these laws will help you navigate the eSports betting scene without worrying about bad decisions.

Regulations and licensing

Understanding the betting laws in the US could be difficult for some people. Most of the country believed that sports betting to be illegal. Even bookmakers that are well-known in the US are limited by state laws.

The good news is that state politicians are working to pass laws to loosen the restrictions on eSports betting. New Jersey is one of four states to make eSports betting legal.

The states where eSports betting is completely legal are Nevada, New Jersey, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Certain states regulate eSports betting, meaning that certain rules and restrictions apply, but is not completely illegal. The states where eSports betting is regulated include Arkansas, Delaware, New York, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

No matter which state you live in, always make sure to do research on your state’s betting laws. Doing so will help you avoid potential complications with bookmakers.

US states that can bet eSports

Esports betting is 100% legal in Nevada, NJ, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Esports betting is regulated, but not 100% legal in Arkansas, Delaware, NY, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Rhode Island, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

Legal age to bet on eSports in the US

The legal age to bet is 21 in most states while it is 18 in others.

Stay up to date with which states are now open to fantasy sports in the US. Check out the Fanduel map here.

Fantasy Betting

How to bet on eSports and the different betting options

With eSports betting, there’s more to bet on than basic real money betting. Various types of eSports betting have developed over the years. All aspects of the eSports industry are covered from competitive tournaments to Twitch streaming and even Skin gambling and trading. We will only discuss real money betting. This is the safest form of betting in our opinion. If you would like more information on the other forms of eSport betting, check out the website.

Money Talk

Real money betting

Real money betting is the simplest form of betting on eSports and is exactly like traditional sports betting. You basically pick the tournament or event you are interested in, choose your market and match, and place your eSports bet. Then is wait for the results. Job done!

Draft Picks

Fantasy betting

There are just as many fantasy sports bets as there are traditional sports. And there are equally as many fantasy eSports bets for your favorite eSports. It works the same way, you first choose your players and/or eSports teams based on how well you anticipate them performing. You earn points/cash for their eSports performance in games, whether that’s winning a match or tournament or completing some predetermined goal. In the world of fantasy betting, the DraftKings are one of the best.

Starting out

Betting eSports for the first time

To place your bets, you need to click on the desired odds that will be added to your betting slip. Then you have to decide how much you are willing to wager on your eSports bet. Most betting slips will automatically calculate your potential winnings for you. And once you’ve clicked on “place bet,” then you have to wait for your winning result to come in.

Once you’ve found a betting site who features your favorite game, you are ready to take your first eSports bet. You will have to register a new account with the gambling site by filling in a few personal details. Once you’ve verified your account, you will need to pick a payment method so as to make your opening deposit.

After you’ve set up your account and made your deposits, then you can scroll through the site’s eSports odds to find a match that looks like it could deliver a good payout. You should be able to toggle between decimal and fractional odds so as to see how much your bet could return to you. Just don’t forget, use a reputable handicapping service for expert betting tips before you place your bets and always gamble responsibly.

Where can I bet on eSports? How to pick a eSports betting site

Once you’ve decided the eSports you want to bet on, then you will need to find eSports betting sites for every bet placed.

Online Draft Picks

There’s a growing range of online gambling sites that now facilitate eSports betting from traditional bookmakers like Bet365 and Betway, to dedicated eSports gambling sites like ArcaneBet and GG.Bet. Check out our list of bookmakers up top.

Fantasy Tournaments

Some betting sites focus on the biggest competitions for CS:GO, Dota 2 and LoL, whereas some dedicated betting eSports sites will have a constant range of pre-match and eSports live betting odds for more niche games. So be sure to do some research into the site to make sure that they cover your favorite game.

Companies investing in eSports

Companies are rushing to get a piece of this rapidly rising global market.  The eSports industry is gaining popularity and chances are it will continue. The viewership of other people playing video games has showed impressive pull for spectator entertainment.

The market for watching professionals playing video games is growing rapidly. Engagement and investment in the entertainment category increased during social distancing conditions in 2020. The video game and eSports industries continued to spread its reach.

The industry’s uncertainty make growth difficult to forecast, and projections vary depending on how the eSports market is defined. Gaming hardware leader Nvidia estimates there are approximately  2.6 billion gamers worldwide, and the global audience for eSports is approaching half a billion people. Investing companies have taken interest in eSports, supporting these big franchises.

Top eSports stocks according to Motley Fool

Activision Blizzard games consistently rank as some of the most watched on Amazon’s Twitch platform, and the company is targeting professional sports leagues that could bring eSports to the next level.

Big Franchises: Call of Duty, Overwatch, StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo

Tencent Holdings is a highly diversified Chinese tech and media giant with significant but not pure-play exposure to gaming and eSports.

Big Franchises: League of Legends, Honor of Kings, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite

Take-Two Interactive eSports business is less developed than some other companies, but its NBA 2K basketball series is already successfully spearheading a push into eSports.

Big Franchises: Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K, Red Dead Redemption, WWE 2K

Electronic Arts as a game publisher with a strong position in licensed content, enjoys several competitive advantages.

Big Franchises: FIFA, Madden, Battlefield, Star Wars, Apex Legends

Zynga is a leader in mobile video game development. Games played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are the largest segment of the global gaming industry.

Big Franchises: Words With Friends, CSR Racing, Farmville, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

To read more about these companies and their investments, check out the Motley Fool website.

How eSports companies make money


Esports companies earn money through broadcast licensing deals, merchandise sales, live-event ticket sales, sponsorships, and advertising. Companies can also sell exclusive rights to operate eSports teams within official leagues, and competitive gaming leagues can function as advertisements for the underlying franchises.

Gamer Tools

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Take Your Sports Betting Strategy to the Next Level

Pro tip #1

When it comes to sports betting, there is no 100% guarantee profits every game. If any betting services claim that, then I wouldn’t use their strategies. There will always be SOME loses in sports betting. Following a reputable sports betting system and watching for active signals, can help you stay on the right side of winning.

Por tip #2

Long-term thinking, and money management will allow you to keep yourself from making costly mistakes in sports betting. When looking for sports picks, pay attention to profits more than win rates alone. A team or a particular prediction might have a high win rate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it brings in the most profits, and that’s the main objective, money.

Pro tip #3

Consistency is important, following a sports betting system from a reputable service will help take a lot of guesswork out of finding the right picks. Not every prediction is a winning pick. Don’t sweat the losses they will happen sometimes. Allowing a money management system to keep your bankroll in order is crucial. Trends are not always the answer.


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